The genius consumer activation platform

Enginio drives conversion and build loyalty with your customers.

Enginio is built to

Increase sales & conversion

Create and build loyalty with your target groups

Generate relevant data & new insights

Lower your costs when creating activations

Easy to buy,
simple to use -
this is how it works


Admin tool (A-CMS)

Corporate Activation & Content Portal.


Customize activations to your needs.

Internal & external Links

Manage traffic to and from your platform


Reports, Dashboard, Backend connect, Power BI, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel


Get started with our activation templates

Activate your consumers without any downloads

Start with one application or create your own activation platform


| Games, Competitions & Entertainment

Create fun and engaging competitions from simple templates.

Interactive Spin & Win competition

Slot Machine for fun gaming experience

Engaging Surveys with multiple question format


| Cashback

Buy a product or service & receive cash back with automated payout.

Interactive Spin & Win competition

Slot Machine for fun gaming experience

Engaging Surveys with multiple question format


| Purchase Validation

Validate the purchase with our receipt scanner

Combine with activations and redeem the consumer with a gift, voucher or points.

Scan receipt in store and online

Get better results from your campaigns

Choose the activation template you need

Product Registration

The easy way to get in contact with the owners and buyers of your products. Perfect for warranties

Coupons & Vouchers

Handle both traditional coupons and digital online vouchers all in one system.

Online Catalog

Create a directory over accessories or products. Converts pdfs or images with automated tagging.

E-shop Solutions

Add ecommerce solutions to your activations, a merchandize store or additional sales outlet

Loyalty Program

Increase connection with your consumers with a points or coins system.

Tickets & Events

The simple way to handle invites or tickets to your event. Full CMS with partnerpages.

Standard features

The platforms unique standard features

Always available with all applications for the best control and execution of your activations.

Activation Content Management System (ACMS)

Your control center to create, manage and control your activations

Dashboard and business insights

Always live data and insights with the possibility to add more reports for business intelligence.

Dynamic QR codes

Set up QR codes and draw data to allow the same type of activations and data from online activations as well as in physical environments.

Intelligent links management & smart tagging

Manage all your traffic to your campaigns or applications and draw new data.

Intelligent Retailer Link Gallery

Control what type of information is presented to whom. Different offers to different retailers?

Membership with Profile pages

All personal data is restricted to the membership area creating a platform designed with integrity in focus


Create and publish surveys direct in your activations. Increase engagement and responses.

Information & News Drops

Quick and easy to get the right content to the right source.

How it works - step by step

Admin tool (A-CMS)

Start with creating your own site by using our Activations Content Management System. Customize how you want it to look and build new activations as you go.


Choose from multiple activation templates and customize it to your needs.

You can use a single template to create a simple consumer flow


You can shuffle them around and add more templates to create your own tailored consumer flow.

Internal & External Links

Manage traffic to and from your platform. Build dynamic links that is easy to manage during you entire campaign period.

Data & Insights

Always keep track of you activations in real time. You can follow them on dashbboards and collect new insights.


Backend connect

Google Analytics


Power BI

Facebook Pixel

Customer stories

How we provide our customers with actionable insights

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Interested in Enginio?

From crafting user flows to use pre-made templates, everything is up to you.