How Delonghi used Cash Back to increase sales on their Espresso Machine

De’ Longhi is one of the world’s leading players in the household appliance sector and is mainly active in the coffee and food preparation segments, which represent around 80% of the Group’s total revenues. The Group’s brand portfolio includes:

Target markets

Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland


Consumer Packaged Goods

Increased 4.6x


175% more


215% more

Customer Engagement

Cash Back

Enginio Template


Cashback campaign where the customers receive a set amount of money back when youbuy a coffe machine from the selected retailers.


  • Sell out of products
  • Focus on the premium segment of products
  • Use the first set amount of 400 000 SEK in cashback installment (ended up being 604 301 SEK) as the demand for the campaign was higher than expected
  • Visablility in store and online for the target products
  • Create loyalty for the brand 


Enginio Cash Back

With Enginio, Delonghi has developed a successfull campaign with great sell out of the targeted products.


Delonghi uses Enginio to move away from manual campaign administrations, to enhance effiency and cose-effectiveness.

Retail sales volume

Great turn out of all 18 included retailers for the campaign. Leading market was Denmark.

Actionable insights
A success key was the higher amount of cashback that the customers would receive