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Games, competitions, raffles and quizzes have been used for decades to engage your audience, attract new clientel and create awareness of your brand. In the Enginio platform we have created a solution that minimize admin, create a secure way to reward the wins and to keep the contact with the consumer to communicate with them again and again. 

Payback solutions to any part of the world 

We can as one of the first solutions in the world generate automated pay outs to Visa, Mastercard, IBAN, PayPal or mobile payment services like Swish, Vipps or MobilePay..

Our automated pay-out solution has a multi-layered antifraud functionality to prevent illegal payouts. Want to know more? Don’t hesitate to ask.

How does Cash Back work?

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Use cases

Cash Back Use Cases


How Delonghi used Cash Back to increase sales on their Espresso Machine

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